Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ab Blaster 40,000


I thought I might share this video with you.  I was asked to make new artwork for the 2010 Next Wave Festival Sports Club Project.  Obviously, the art was themed around sports.  Being someone who loves to poke fun at stereotypes, I thought I'd pull apart the notion that all Aboriginal people are good at sports.  Personally, I know plenty of uncoordinated blackfellas.  So I called upon two good friends of mine, Kamahi Djordan King and Bryan Andy, who so kindly volunteered their time and talent.  

I included a few portraits that I had taken a number of years (2007) back when photographing a calendar of Aboriginal sports stars.  The calendar, called Men In Black, was the major fund raising activity for the Unity Foundation which was run by Alan Murray and Xavier Clarke, both footy players from St Kilda Football Club (Go the Saints).  I don't know if this charity still exists but at the time they were providing support services for disadvantaged Aboriginal kids.  

The video hasn't had much of an airing so I thought I'd give it some shine.  Oh, I should also mention that it was edited by my amazing friend Joske of Joske Films.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Xavier Clarke & Allan Murray

Greg Ingliss

Xavier Clarke

Nathan Lovett-Murray & Andrew Lovett

Anthony Mundine

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