Friday, April 13, 2012

Conteporary Australia: Women & MoNOW

Happy belated Easter everyone.  I hope that unlike me, you did not indulge in copious amounts of chocolate but were much more restrained.

There are two shows I would like to draw your attention to.  The first has already opened and is garnering quite a lot of attention. MoNOW by showcases a whole bunch of Aussie artists (including myself) with the hope of inspiring new ways of seeing contemporary Australian society and has programmed heaps of events that you might be keen to see.  Also, Dan Rule did a write up on the show in The Age called Reimagining Plato in playdough which at this stage you can read for free as you don't have to subscribe to read The Age online unlike other papers.  Here is the poster for MoNOW (I love the poster artwork by Paul Yore):

Next up is the Contemporary Australia: Women show at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.  The show is the second in the QaGOMA's Contemporary Australia triennial series - the most extensive regular presentation of contemporary Australian art in the country (according to the website).  I have made brand new work for this show and am very excited to show it, talk about it and see it hanging on a wall. It's an installation piece made out of about 10,000 emu feathers. Very exciting.

I will also be travelling to Brissy for the opening weekend.  Looking forward to the warm weather as Melbourne just starts to cool down. There really is an amazing list of artists participating as well as a Women In Film side program which I'm looking forward to seeing.

Here's a bit more info from an article by Bridget Cormack called Queensland Galleries shows both sides of women's work.

Hope to see you around the galleries....


Tas Walker said...

I met an art gallery volunteer who told me about the "I Forgive You" art work. She really liked it. I'm glad to see this photo of it. Is there anywhere I can read about the story behind it?

Cate Juno said...

Hey Bindi,
I love this artwork "I Forgive You" and the accompanying videos. I admire greatly your courage in sharing your own journey of healing. I have talked about your work in my blog Cuppa with Cate

Bindi Cole said...

Thanks Tas and Cate, I really appreciate your comments. I just read your blog and found it to be very much in line with my views on forgiveness. Tas - Cate has blogged video links of interviews discussing the work. There is also an essay in the Contemporary Australia: Women catalogue that is worth reading. Perhaps I'll post a link to the videos too at some point... Thanks again.. Bindi

JarmiƂa Rybicka said...

if it is possible to get any link to video from "i forgive you" work. It really touched me when I saw it in Bangkok and would like to look on it one more time after few years passed. would be really grateful for answer!

Bindi Cole Chocka said...

Hi Jarmila,

So great to hear from you. I'm thrilled you liked the work when you saw it in Bangkok. As requested, here is a link to the video. Enjoy!