Monday, October 29, 2012

I Heart Cooking

Many of you will be unaware but I absolutely love cooking. This morning, I set the alarm for 7.15am just so I could get up and bake fresh scones. I'm kind of famous for my scones amongst my friends. I use a Nigella recipe from How To Be A Domestic Goddess. I've used it for years. The page is so covered in scone dough gunk that I don't even have to find it, it just falls open to it. My secret ingredient is to add a little cinnamon sugar. Then whipped cream and jam. I love it. As I sit here typing they are baking in the oven.

When I was much younger, I was a full on stoner. I spent most of my teenage years stoned. In my late teens I met Adel, a gorgeous young thing with red hair who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Adel was kind of house bound at the time. She would spend her days on a mattress in the lounge room watching daytime soaps and cooking shows. Then she would cook and she was simply brilliant at it. This suited me to a tee. I would go to her house, stoned, chill out in her lounge room, watch daytime soaps and eat her food.

Well, I'm no longer a stoner and that's a good thing but because of Adel, my love for cooking has developed into a real passion.

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